Email Workflow Testing Made Effortless.

Instantly create unlimited disposable emails and set up automation.

Effortless. Simple.

Mail7 developed a first of its kind Email Workflow Testing tool for Software Developers and Testers. You can instantly create as many disposable emails as you want and set automation via our APIs.

Empower yourself with Mail7 and see a boost in your productivity and quality of work.

Built for QA Engineers

Public Inbox

No need to sign-up but start using Mail7 public inbox to test any email workflow. Go to the public inbox

Private Inboxes

You will have your own inbox and create as many email IDs as you want. Admin can manage multiple team members through the Mail7 web console. Get your free Pro Plan

Your Domain. Your Brand. White Label

You can set up Mail7 email service with your company’s domain and brand.

Fully Managed Platform

There is no need of installation or setting up any SMTP service. We will take care of everything -- Storage, Number of Emails, Deletion, etc. You can get started in less than a minute.

Team Collaboration

Shared Inboxes

Software developers and testers can share their inboxes. This boosts the team collaboration and makes everyone more productive.

Manage Team Accounts

Easy to add and remove team members, set roles and permissions for individuals and get a centralized admin console to manage everything.

Comply with Privacy Regulations

With private inboxes and custom domain email IDs, you can protect your confidential information about your technology and comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA.

Top 3 Use Cases of Mail7

Learn How 100s of other companies are using Mail7

Landing Page Webform Testing

Learn about how webform QA can be performed efficiently with Mail7.

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Registration & Login Testing

Learn how to test your registration form and login pages using Mail7.

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API Testing

Learn how to test many API functionality that need to be checked via Email.

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APIs to Automate Email Workflow Testing

Mail7's REST API allows full access to Inboxes, Emails, even Attachments directly from your application and tests

GET /inbox?apikey=:apikey&apisecret=:apisecret&to=:username&domain=:hostname

GET /email?apikey=:apikey&apisecret=:apisecret&mesid=:mesid&to=:username&domain=:hostname

GET /delete?apikey=:apikey&apisecret=:apisecret&mesid=:mesid&domain=:hostname

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